Monday, 19 September 2011

Club Dead

Well, I am back from my hols, and I am a little mad at British Airways, as they lost my luggage, and the book is is my bag... However I finished the book, and I must say it really is different from the series.

I liked the book, and it is in my opinion a lot different from the other two.
Bill, who was working on a kind of facebook for vampires, is missing, and Sookie tries everything to get him back, despite her thinking that he is being unfaithful in one sense or the other. She becomes friends with a werewolf, Alcide, and the two of them begin their search for Bill in Jackson. Sookie is nearly stabbed to death at a local supernatural-being-bar, and gets known to the local Vampireking, who helps her getting well again. She finds out, that Bill is being tortured at the Vampirekings house, frees him and stakes his maker, Lorena.
Several werewolfes wait for Sookie, Bill and Eric back at her house, they are all being killed by the two vampires, Sookie breaks up with Bill and takes back her invitation for all vampires into her house. She realizes, that Bills facebook is still hidden in her house, and no vampire will be able to retract it from its hiding place.

I award 8 out of 10, and coming up next is a Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett Coproduction: Good Omens!

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