Monday, 10 October 2011

Anthem for Doomed Youth

I just finished the 19th Daisy Dalrymple mystery, Anthem for Doomed Youth, and I am delighted.
This time, 3 burried bodies, in various states of decay, are found in Epping forrest.
Due to his investigation, Daisy`s husband Alec has no time to take part on his daughters school sports day. But as Daisy loves Belinda very much, she, together with her friends Sakari and Melanie - mothers of Lizzi and Deva, close friends of Belinda - drive over to Saffron Walden where the girls boarding school is situated.
On the day after the sport event, the six of them go to a local garden and the three girls go off into a maze... when Daisy hears a piercing scream her heart misgives her... surely enough, one of the girls has found the body of one of their teachers. With the help of a tight-lipped local gardener Daisy goes into the maze and discoveres both the girls and the body...
Alec, in the meanwhile, is busy solving his case. He has 2 possible links between the 3 Epping forrest bodies and tries to find out which one of the theories will hold. When he finally finds out who committed the crimes, it is to late - as the person commits suicide when he finds himself surrounded by the police.
Daisy and her friends are questionned by an incapable officer... that`s why they give him a pretty hard time, resulting in him accusing the harmless gardener. Well, as usually Daisy can prevent unguilty persons to be charged and things turn out a little different as one would expect (but don`t tell Alec!).

I am now reading the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries for more than 10 years. I was delighted, when Daisy and Alec became a couple and married, but was devided when they got the twins and to be honest, I did not like the last books. But in this book, Daisy is her cheery old self again, Sakari being a very good side kick, and the children being involved being rather funny.
Therefore I award a full 10 out of 10.

As I have 2 more dime novels to read I have not yet decided which book comes next. Perhaps "Arkadien fällt" by Kai Meyer

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