Monday, 27 April 2015

Kathy and Brendan Reichs: Exposure

The fourth installment of the Virals-series starts some time after the events told in "CODE". When the Virals find out, that twin classmates have been abducted, they decide to investigate. But things are not so easy this time: their powers seem to get out of control, so flaring is not a good option. All they can do, is use their brains and find out, what happened.

This Viralsstory differs from the others. Not much flaring, a lot more brainwork, an unusual criminal and a soccerplaying Tory... But it is a good story, keeping the pace of the other books and a cliffhanger which made me think about going straight to an ebookstore to buy the next volume (I have all the books as paperbacks, so I have to wait a while until I can go on reading (8th of October - oh nooooo) - well I did not buy the ebook edition as there are already so many books waiting... but it was really close :-) I award 9 out of 10 for a thrilling story with a little hasty ending.

I already finished the Enid Blyton Biography written by Barbara Stoney and am currently reading "Die See der Abenteuer" by Enid Blyton (for the reading challenge :-)).

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