Monday, 2 January 2012

The mysterious Island

A happy new year, everyone!

Finally I made it :-) Yesterday I finished Jules Vernes "The mysterious island", my first ebook! Regarding the story, it is still one of my favourites, despite I wonder, whether my german version and this version are really the same book, both versions have the grade "complete edition"... but either I am not the attentive reader I like to be, or there are some differences...

Ok, what is this book about? Cyrus Harding (Smith in my german edition), his ex-servant Neb, Gideon Spillett, Herbert and Pencroft, as well as the dog Top, manage to flee - by taking a balloon - from Richmond during the American Civil war. After days and days without knowing their whereabouts they finally see land. The balloon, constantly losing gas, is freed from everything, in order to make it rise again. Harding looses his footing and falls into the agitated sea, Top following swiftly. His friends manage to get to a very small island, just a mile in front of a much bigger land-mass (it is not yet assured, whether this is an island). Well... A few days later they find Harding, in a somewhat mysterious way - Top appears from nowhere and lead the stranded ones to Harding. Harding, after regaining consciousness, does his best to find out their position within the ocean, and dashes all their hopes because they are at least 1200 miles from the next land. After this, the cast-aways speak of themselves as settlers and try to make the perfect island of the now called "Lincoln Island". Harding knows very much about nearly everything, and so they manage to make a formerly waterfilled cave habitable. Many mysterious things happen on Lincoln Island - a pellet is found within a young pecary, a treasure chest is found on the beach, containing everything the settlers need, Top is rescued in a very strange way after having troubles with a dugong... (but I wont whistle blow to much). Well, the settlers even manage to build a large enough boat to make a visit to their "neighbour" Tabor Island. In the end they get known to the mysterious helper, and... well... It is really hard not to tell too much, and not to tell too little...

Best is, you read the book yourselves! I love it, and despite the kindle edition has some spelling mistakes (sometimes it looks like, they scanned the text, and the scanner did not get everything right...) I award 10 out of 10.
As I am now a little behind with Vampira and 2012 it may take a while until I post again!

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