Monday, 13 February 2012

Suzanne Collins - The hunger games

The hunger games tells the story of Katniss. She lives in a postapocalyptical world, which is divided into 12 districts (there happened to be 13, but one was destroyed by the capitol). Each district serves the capitol in another way, Katniss's district is responsible for coal. Within the districts, people are poor (the higher the number of the district, the poorer the people), have not much to eat, and are monitored during all times. Katniss goes hunting in the forests surrounding her district, and is therefore a skilled archer.

When the reaping day arrives - a day on which from each district a boy and a girl are drawn in order to fight to death - Katniss's sister Primrose is drawn. Katniss volunteers to take her place, so she and the boy Peeta are taken to the capitol, are fed and trained for a few days and then are taken to the arena, where they have to fight for their lives.

I wont tell more about the book, firstly because I think it is quite worth reading, and I don't like to spoil your experience! And secondly, if you don't like reading so much, the film is starting in a couple of weeks, so go and watch it. Having seen the trailer, I think the book is met very well!

I award 8 out of 10, because the story is mostly for teenagers, I think, but very brutal sometimes. The mix of postapocalyptical world and "love" story is ok, what I don't like are the very fast and emotionless treating of the other contestants death.

So, the next book to come is Richard Bachmans "The long walk". I read it in german, though.

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