Monday, 13 August 2012

Stephen King - The Stand (Graphik Novel)

Stephen Kings "The Stand" has been released as a graphik novel since November 2008. All comics have been collected in comic books, each comic book containing 5 to 6 issues.

The Stand tells the story of various american citizens during an enormous outbreak of "captain trips" a terrible virus, once developped to be a weapon. These people all survive the virus without being harmed the least bit. Once the superflu is over, everyone starts to dream weird dreams. Most people dream of a bad man (Randall Flagg) and a nice old lady (Mother Abagail) - who correspond to the good side and the bad side.
The one half of the survivors go and seek mother Abagail in Nebraska and later on in Boulder, the others go to visit Randall Flagg in Las Vegas. Once everyone is settled, both sides prepare for the upcoming war...:-)

The comics are really well drawn, and nothing of importance is missing in the story. I do love the book very much, and have read it several times, all the same, the comics reveal things, I never recognized within the book. Very well done, full 10 Points out of 10.

Next on my nightstand: Neil Gaiman: Sandmann: Der Traumjäger

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