Friday, 18 January 2013

George R. R. Martin - A Feast for Crows

I always face the problem, that there are so many characters in so many different parts of Westeros and well, not all of them are interesting for me, which might not be fair, as everyones story is part of the whole thing... This is why I will now concentrate on the two characters I liked most in "A Feast for Crows" - which are Arya and Sam.

Arya, once again not under her real name, travels to Braavos. Here she finds a new home in the "House of Black and White" where an older man introduces her to the guild of the faceless man, which is a kind of religion who worship the many-faced God. Arya has to get rid of all her personal belongings, but decides to keep Needle (hidden) all the same. Her training includes going out into the city, but not as Arya, nor as one of her previous identities, but as Cat of the Canals. She needs to learn 3 things each time she leaves the house before she can come back, and she starts learning the Braavosi language...

Sam is sent to Oldtown, together with Maester Aemon, Dareon, Gilly and her baby boy. The voyage includes a long ship journey, which Sam - being afraid of water - cannot enjoy at all. Maester Aemon gets ill during the voyage, and all their money is spent for inn and healer. Sam forces Dareon to earn money by singing in the local pubs, but the money earned is spent by Dareon for wine and whores. Sam starts a fight with him, and nearly drowns when thrown out of the brothel and into a canal. Aemon can not be helped, but recovers for a brief moment when he is told about Danys dragons by Xhondo, who saved Sam's live. Xhondo offers Sam and his friends passage on his ship, during which the Maester dies. In the mourning Gilly and Sam make love and Gilly...

There is so much taking place and again so many different characters that I sometimes really had problems to follow the plot. Again a lot of people die, again a lot of intrigues are woven, but that's the same in all Ice and Fire books. I am a little unchosen if I liked the book or not, problem number one being, that Dany is only mentioned, but not Point-of-View person, and she is apart from Arya my favorite. Problem 2 is, that the nearly the whole book covers people I either don't like or don't care. Well, all the same, in the afterword is promised, that book 5 covers the same fraction of time as book 4, but with all the persons missing.

So, I award 5 out of 10 and hope to read about Jon, Dany and all the other "good guys" in the next volume (in case you wonder... I am a bad guy myself, therefore I like to read about the good guys more :-) )

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