Sunday, 7 July 2013

Michael Collins - The Last Book

"The Last Book", hmmm, I was hoping for an end time story... well serves me right, buying a book just because of its title, not even having a glance at the summary...

Well, ok, what is it about... The world is going to the dogs, nearly everyone is getting aggressive for no reason at all, bombs are exploding everywhere and no terroristic group takes the responsibility for them.
A ghostwriter is asked to write the 3rd (and last) book of a bestselling series (and here you have the explanation for the title :-)). Everything is depending on her to finish what the author of the two first books ist not able to. She - and several others - are drawn deep into a story which started years and years ago, and which will - if everything goes wrong - turn earth into hell.

All in all the book was an OK book, nothing I would read twice, but OK... what buggers me, is when there are words missing in the text, and I am quite sure that that had nothing to do with the ebook conversion, it just seems as if no one really read the text, and me, not being a native speaker in english... well I can't stand it, when I have to think minutes over a sentence, just because I cannot find out its meaning. Only afterwards I find out there was a word missing.

I will award 5 out of 10 for an ok story and a bad editorial office.

So far I have not decided what I will read next - "Bartimäus" or "the final winter" (this should really be an apocalyptic story) or a horro shortstory collection... hmmmmm. Cannot decide.

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