Thursday, 4 July 2013

Michael Bond - A Bear Called Paddington

Michael Bond tells the heartwarming story of a little bear who sits at the beginning of the story at Paddington station with a label round his neck saying "please look after this bear". Family Brown happens to find the little chap, and decides to first feed him and get him something to drink, and after christening him "Paddington" - as no one is able to pronounce his real name - they take him home.

What begins as a nice little story soon turns out to be a mingle-mangle of little disasters - which are always funny for the reader - as I already mentioned, people where turning their heads at me, cause I continuously roared out of laughter. Paddington always does the wrong thing, but always means best, so no one can be mad at him for a long time.

The book is told in chapters which are not really linked, so it is a good book for bedtime reading. Paddington covers a lot of situations - going by tube/elevator/lift for the first time, entertaining a whole department store, painting like one of the old artists, setting the whole house under water - and it is a really enjoyable book. I award 10 out of 10, not only for the story itself but also for the very nice illustrations, which are enjoyable even on their own.

I now turn back to the Zombie Survival Guide (having seen World War Z in the movies, I think I might need to hurry...) - I haven't yet finished the Festival Guide as well, but I have no tickets for any of the upcoming festivals, so I take my time!

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