Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Elizabeth Peters - He shall thunder in the Sky

It is the season 1914-1915. The Emerson family is as usual in Egypt, but Christmas preparations are running slow this year, as the Great War stretches even to North-East-Africa. The young English are keen to enlist, but Ramses refuses, which causes the Britains in Egypt to either consider him traitor or coward. Nefret spends all her time at her hospital, and the relationship between her and Ramses has still not recovered. Amelia and her husband try to keep the excavation on a normal level, which is nearly impossible as so many of their usual helpers are barred from the country due to their nationalities.
Many secrets to be hidden even within the family, dangerous activities, the sighting of Emersons Archenemy Sethos and a lot of revelations... a very good combination, and one of the best Amelia-Peabody-Books.

"He shall thunder in the Sky" is rather serious. Not only WWI but also the tension within the family: Nefret, who has not fully recovered from her short-lived marriage and miscarriage; Ramses who is involved in dangerous and secret activities and who cannot fully confide even to his parents and the Emersons who fear for both their children. A lot of someone following someone and someone suspecting someone and a lot of revelations of up to now unknown facts. Short: I loved it!

I liked the book very much, sometimes I wanted to shout at the various characters and wanted to shake some sense into them, but in the end most things come to a conciliable finish. And I am looking forward to go on reading somewhen 2014 (just now other books are prior).

I will start today with the 4th installment of Fabian Lutz' Zombideutschland: Zombifiziert, Band 4: Immer bei Nacht.

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