Monday, 14 July 2014

Ransom Riggs - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

While looking through my boyfriends Amazon wishlist I came by this book, impressed by the book cover I bought it, without even reading what it is about:

The story is told by and about Jakob. Since he was a very young kid his grandpa told him stories about monsters he had to flee when he himself was a kid, monsters, he later on killed, with the help of the peculiar children, children with abilities. Jakob always liked those stories, but when he became older, he realized, that those monsters where no monsters in the common sense, but Nazis, who made grandpa flee Poland and migrate to a british island, where life was like in paradise.
One day, Jakob is nearly 16, his grandpa does not respond to phonecalls. Jakob and his friend make their way to his home, and find grandpa in a miserable state, nearly ripped to pieces by some kind of animal. Jakob, in shock, sees a person with tentacles coming from its mouth and for some time believes all the stories his grandpa has once told. But his psychiatrist argues him into "just being in a state of shock, and there was no monster"...
In order to become normal again, the psychiatrist persuades Jakobs parents to allow him a trip to grandpa's island, where nothing is as Jakob suspected...

I love literature for young people. And I loved this book. The book shows a lot of ancient photographs, which the author collected, and then told the story round them. Which is kinda cool, I like the idea, and I found out, there is a second volume, which I already bought, but have not started reading. I award 8 out of 10 for a very nice setting, lovable characters and a good idea.

Currently I am reading "Ewig" by Gerd Schilddorfer and David Weiss - an item on loan by my friend Lina.


  1. Huhu! :) Danke für die Erinnerung an dieses Buch. Es (und auch der zweite Band) steht bei uns auch im Regal. Freu mich schon darauf. Das mit den Bildern ist echt eine geniale Idee. :)

    Ohhhh... Ewig von Schilddorfer und Weiss. Das ist soooo suuuuuuper. <3 Viel Spaß damit.


  2. jaaa, und es kommt bald ein Film!!!
    Den Anfang vom Schilddorfer (erste 10 Seiten) fand ich fad, aber bin schon voll reingekippt :-)
    Die Kindle-Umsetzung hat mir gut gefallen für die Peculiars :-)