Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Christophe Bec and Stefano Raffaele: Pandemonium

Pandemonium is a graphik novel telling the story of Doris and her only daughter Cora. The daughter seems to suffer tuberculosis, and as the mother too had suffered from this illness as a child and was cured at Waverly Hills Sanatory, she decides to get the child treated there as well. Having no money to pay for the necessary medical care Doris offers to pay by working as a nurse during the ongoing treatment.
Soon Cora is seeing dead people and she starts hearing The Train.

I am always unsure whether I like graphik novels or not, "Pandemonium" however works very well. It is a gruesome story based on real events by Christophe Bec supported by wonderful drawings by Stefano Raffaele. Only (very small) drawback for me was that I was sometimes unsure whether I am in the 1950s, or at the time at which Doris was at Waverly Hills.

I am very glad I came across this one! 10 out of 10.

Currently my nightstand is occupied by "Die unwahrscheinliche Pilgerreise des Harold Fry" by Rachel Joyce.

Oh - for those waiting for a Harry Potter Audiobook review - as I am walking around a lot these days, I am speeding through them - therefore I decided to write a complete review when I am finished (currently I am listening to "The Prisoner of Azkaban").

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