Monday, 23 March 2015

Carola Dunn: Manna from Hades

Eleanor Trewynn is an elderly widow, living in a village somewhere in Cornwall. She has been working most of her life for an international charity organisation and now inhabitates a flat above a charity shop.
Though not employed by the charity organisation, Eleanor often drives around asking for donations. After one of these drives she finds valuable jewellery in her car and cannot remember getting those. The next morning the unknown jewellery becomes unimportant as there is suddenly a dead body in the shop...

I always liked Carola Dunns "Daisy Dalrymple" Series, and was therefore delighted to find out, that there is a new series coming, even set in one of my most favorite parts of the world. Though I liked the characters - especially forgetful Eleanor and her niece Megan - I had some problems with the time the story is set in (somewhere in the 60s). Not sure why this was, but that made it sometimes difficult to read. However, nice setting, nice characters, story a little humble but ok, so that makes 5 out of 10.

Currently I am reading once more "Das Graveyard Buch" by Neil Gaiman, this time in German, as I need to finish it quickly (the 4th Viral is waiting) - and it is just to freshn up my memories as it will be the book to be discussed by the Lesezirkel in April :-)

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