Friday, 11 September 2015

Peter V. Brett: The Warded Man

This fantasy novel is set in a  postapocalyptic, demon infested world. Each night demons materialise, and kill whom and whatever they can entrap. The demons are more or less immortal, and the only possiblity to fight them - even if it is only a passive way - is to put a circle of wards (I interpret them as a special kind of runes) around everything you like to be protected during the night.
In the novel, there are three main characters: Arlen, Leesha and Rojer.
Arlen survives a demon attack as a child, realizing, that his family (and the people of his village) are only hiding behind their wards, and that all of them would not leave their savety, not even to save the life of a loved one. Shocked, he decides to leave his home town to become a messenger (a person traveling from town to town, protecting himself with a portable wardcircle during night).
Leesha, promised to a young wood cutter, but deeply disappointed by him and by her own mother, decides to become herb gatherer. Being very talented in this, she soon finds out, that herb gatherers can do more, than fixing wounds - they can be very efficient in the war against the corelings.
Rojer is only 3 years old when his parents are killed by corelings. An alcoholic jongleur takes him under his wings and learns him all there is to know about entertaining people.
During the course their lives the three of them meet and start fighting united against the demons.

I loved this book! I was fascinated by the characters as well as by the setting. Whenever there were fights against the corelings I wanted to join them, the moves are very accurately described, the weapons used are very well depicted. I am delighted and can imagine that this stuff would make a wonderful movie!
I highly recommend this one, and am already near the end of volume 2 - the desert spear.

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