Sunday, 4 October 2015

[AUDIOBOOK] Brandon Sanderson: The Final Empire [Mistborn 1]

A strange - probably postapocalyptic - world, where ash is constantly falling from the sky. Some even stranger characters (Kelsier, the Lord Ruler, Vin...) and mists, everywhere mists (but not anytime, because they only come out at night). Some strange abilities (pulling and pushing against metals)... well, these are the ingredients to one of the most boring audiobooks I ever heard. I really like Sandersons style and everything, I just cannot cope with all this strange stuff. It was a little to far fetched for me, too slow and well, too boring.
It took me ages listening to the book, I had to go back now and then because I didn't listen properly and missed parts... I wont award any points, not really because it was THAT bad, but because it has been already several weeks since I finished it, and I cannot even properly remember it (it was by no means so bad as the last four things).

So, next book I heard, and have already finished is "Der Marsianer" read by Richard Barenberg, written by Andy Weir.

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