Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Jerome K Jerome: Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

A book obviously mostly read in school, a book I hadn't even heard of until end of last year, which was recommended by my friend (the one who brought me on track with Schilddorfer/WeiƟ).

The Story is about Jerome and his two friends Harris and George (and the dog Montmorency), who decide to make a two-week boat trip along the river Thames- and that is where the trouble starts. Boating from Kingston to Oxford they have a lot of funny adventures. The return trip is, well, hilarious!

It is not easy for me to bring my opinion on "paper". I have mixed feelings about this book. Some parts are very funny indeed, others are rather boring and immensely strange. All the time the author jumps back in time to tell some story not really related to the story itself, not quite to my liking. However the book is rather old, the times have changed, and hey, why should I not have read an obvious all-time classic. It was ok, but not the best thing I ever had in my hands.
The worst for me was, that there seem to be pictures in the book, the kindle-edition I downloaded only had the corresponding subtexts, sometimes not even separated from the text itself, which made some parts difficult to read, as I had to figure out where the subtexts ended... I award 6 out of 10 for Three Man in a Boat

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