Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Color Purple

The Color Purple, by Alice Walker tells the story of two sisters, Celie and Nettie. The book is mostly written in Celies uneducated english and is in letter form.
They are raised lacking a loving mother, having an unloving father who fatheres Celie two times. When Albert turns up, he falls in love with Nettie, but gets to marry Celie. She moves into his house, and Nettie comes for a short visit. After she is more or less thrown out by Albert nothing is heard of Nettie.
Celie lives her live, tries to raise Alberts nasty children and tries to come through her kismet.
Albert brings home his former love, a singer, Shug Avery, she is very sick with a not more specified womens disease. Celie falls in love with her, despite of her being awfully unfriendly. When Shug recovers, she restarts singing, starts being friendly to Celie and makes sure, that Albert wont hit Celie anymore.
The years pass, and when Shug comes for a visit she and Celie find a bunch of letters from Nettie in a box of Albert. They remove the letters from the envelopes so Albert wont find out, and Celie happily finds out, that Nettie is still alive, living in Africa. And more, Nettie found out, that her father is not their father but only their stepfather.

I don't want to spoiler... the ending is heartbreaking. I really loved the book, in spite of really having problems in the beginning with the language.

I give the color purple 10 out of 10.

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