Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire

In the second book of the hunger games trilogy Katniss' life after the games is prescribed. She and Peeta, both being winner of the 74th hunger games, have to travel to each and every district of Panem, have to look into the eyes of the family members of children they killed.
While travelling, they find out, that life is not so peaceful as it was, the 12 districts of Panem are beginning to fight against the presumingly allmighty Capitol.
When the 75th hunger games are announced, it is clear, that not only Katniss, but Peeta and others as well have to go back into the Arena, where Katniss rises to be the Idol of the new revolution - the mockingjay of Panem.

I really liked the second book. Especially, because it continues with not being a happy story. Everything happening is tragic and one really feels sorry with everyone of the Main characters.
I award 9 out of 10 and already finished the last book of the trilogy "Mockingjay".

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