Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Suzanne Collins - Mockingjay

The third volume of the hunger games trilogy tells about Katniss' life after her second hunger games. Things have changed for her, as well as for all the others in Panem. A rebellion against the Capitol is taking place, and its immediate effects on all the districts are changing life not only for Katniss. Still being the symbol which stands against everything from the Capitol, Katniss - the now so-called Mockingjay - has to face war from its worst side: torture, injuries and death.

I am getting more and more a fan of Suzanne Collins, who manages to make this Story even worse than it was in part 2. She describes a dark and nearly death-sentenced world, where only a little hope is left, that somewhen everything might be right again.
Even the lovestory is not really ending in a happy way. Wow, I really appreciated that - I could not have standed a wonderfull hollywood happy end.
So I award 10 out of 10.

I already finished "Zombie Deutschland - Episode I - Ground Zero" by Fabian Lutz (I am not able to find a working link to this one, as well as I am not able to find the other volumes, despite it being ebooks... - can anyone help me out?), and started reading "The Last Book" by Michael Collins (I don't think he is related to Suzanne, but who knows?) as well as something very different and very enjoyable: "Bear called Paddington" by Michael Bond (which is making people turn their head because I am roaring out of laughter)

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