Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Elizabeth Peters - The Falcon at the Portal

The eleventh installment of Elizabeth Peters' Amelia-Peabody-Series:
It is the year 1911 and it is nearly time to leave England for the excavating season in Egypt. But first there is the wedding of Lia and David to be held. Unfortunately the happiness is a little clouded, as David is suspected to sell forgeries all over Europe - the Emersons - instead of directly speaking to David decide to make their own investigations, always in fear that the master criminal is back (which Amelia clearly denies, as he promised never to harm any of her beloved).
After the arrival in Egypt, Percy (Amelia's nephew), now a soldier of the Egyptian Army, shows up. He has written his memoirs about his last time in Egypt, and exaggerated every part he played, and lied about everything else. Furthermore he keeps pestering the whole family, especially Nefret, who he keeps proposing to.
When three young Americans join the family at their new excavation site (this time Zawyet el' Aryan), things start the way, they usually do, when the Emersons are involved. A body turns up, Ramses and David are continously out at night, misunderstandings lead to a catastrophal outcome...

Each time, I stop reading the Amelia-Peabody-Series and restart after some time (in this case it must be over two years), I don't know how I ever could have stopped. I immensely like the stories, the family, the egypt surroundings, well everything. This book was somewhat different though... the involved love story really is heartbreaking, and I do hope everyone (of the Emersons) will recover from the season 1911/1912!

I award 9 out of 10 and directly turn to the sequel "He shall thunder in the Sky".


  1. Klingt irgendwie voll gut :)
    Super, dass du die Reihe "wiederentdeckt" hast.

    1. Ich mag die Autorin generell sehr, die Personen sind sehr gut ausgearbeitet, und liebevoll gezeichnet. Sie hat ja noch eine andere Serie (wo leider nichts mehr erscheint :-() - Vicky Bliss, die ist auch super.