Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Michael Bond - Paddington goes to town

By now everyone should know, that I love Paddington :-) This book was no exception, however, two of the stories, both playing at the hospital where somehow not to my liking... and for some reason, Mr. Curry, the unpleasant neighbour of the Browns gets disagreeable each time he has an occurrence... I know, that an unfriendly character might be necessary in order to keep it funny and enthralling (what might Paddington do next?), but Mr. Curry is just too bad!
All the other stories are as lovable and cute as always. Paddington manages to get out of any situation as always (a situation, he gets himself into, no need to mention that), and that is exactly what it needs for a good bedtime story - which is the reason I go on reading with "Paddington takes the air". I award 7 out of 10 (because of the two stories I did not really like).

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