Friday, 12 February 2016

Max Brooks: The Zombie Survival Guide

Hard to believe, but after (I guess) 3 years (it felt even longer) I finally finished this book.
What took me so long? In the beginning I found it interesting to get tips for a coming zombie apocalypse, however, most of the tips one already knows from various movies, other tips are simply common sense... be prepared, be silent, get a group of people (but a reasonably small one), get a save haven, ensure you have enough water, ensure you got enough to eat, enough ammo...

One part of the book deals with various zombie outbreaks since the beginning of human writing. I really looked forward to this part of the book, but it turned out to be as boring as the rest. All stories are really really far-fetched, and so vague that it isn't even fun reading.

I obviously did not like this book, I wont rate it (as I wont start giving minus points). Aparently the second book of Max Brooks is much better (friends tell me), so perhaps in a few years time, after I digested this desaster, I will come to this author.

As the Zombie Survival Guide was on my "occasionally reading" list it will not be replaced.

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