Monday, 3 September 2012

Carola Dunn - Gone West

In Daisy Dalrymples 20th Mystery, she is invited to visit her friend Sylvia, who is the personal secretary of a novelist. Sylvia knows about Daisy's meddling in a few cases, and hopes Daisy might help to find out why the novelist is not recovering from an illness.
Daisy is in course of meddling, when the novelist dies. What at first looks like a natural death soon turns out to be murder, and poor Alec and friends are once more ordered to help Daisy. As usual, Daisy takes a few of the suspects under her wing, and is as usual right :-) Alec - as usual - is finally able to solve the case, and everything is all right.

All in all... the story is more or less the same as in every Daisy Dalrymple Mystery - Daisy gets somewhere, Daisy gets involved with a dead person, who turns out to be murdered, Daisy informes Alec, Alec is a little pissed off, but takes Daisy as a notetaker, Alec solves the case, and everything is all right.

Apart from being the "same procedure as everyyear" it is a nice book, I always like to read about the new adventures of Daisy, and if only because it is usually a little surprising who committed the murder.

I award 6 out of 10 for a nice told Daisy Mystery.

I already finished my next book which was: Christopher Marzis Lycidas, and will comment on that soon.

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