Monday, 17 February 2014

Kathy & Brendan Reichs: Code: A Virals Novel

The third Virals adventure starts with a geocache, which is surprisingly located on Loggerhead Island. Hi, resently an enthusiastic geocacher makes his friends come and help to excavete the cache, which turns out to be a Japanese puzzle box. Inside, they find a strange riddle, which they are able to solve, and soon afterwards they are implicated into a life-threatening game, set up by the so called Gamemaster, a person which seems not to care about human beings at all. Thank God, the pack is able to flare (that is: to use their superpowers), so they are able to escape most of the Gamemaster's threats easily.
Apart from the Game, there is Torys initiation into Charlestons society to be taken care of, a nice outfit as well as stags and marshals need to be chosen. Moreover, Chance is back from his "healthcare holidays" and since he suspected already too much about the Virals, he is now really interested in finding out more about the pack...

Really a nice book. Not as good as the second volume, but the series has a lot of potential. I am really looking forward to reading the next volume "Exposure" - which will be published on paperback on 23rd of October this year.

I already started reading Flavia de Luce 1 - Mord im Gurkenbeet, by Alan Bradley (in German, because it was a Kindle Deal of the week once :-))

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