Thursday, 5 June 2014

Michael Bond - Paddington at Work

Paddington returns from Peru by ship. The last few days hold a special surprise for him, as the family Brown decided to join him for the final part of the journey. The bear bets how many miles the ship makes on a special day, and of course manages to win the prize, which he wants to safe, but buys a share instead. He gets involved with the police, and pays a visit to the Stock Exchange. Paddington helps his neighbour, and as usually, everything goes wrong. The final two stories of this book tell how Paddington becomes a barber and a ballet dancer.

I love the Paddington stories, but somehow this book was a little different, I felt sorry most of the time for the poor bear, and I could not really laugh, because what happened was really bad - ok, it turned out well, as always, but it was not so nice and easy as in former installments. I award 8 of 10 beary points and have already turned to Haruki Murakamis "Die Pilgerjahre des farblosen Herrn Tazaki".

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